Thank you to our 2012 guests for your awesome comments both anonymous and signed! We hope to post the testimonials that were left for the instructors soon!
All testimonials were provided by guests by way of our online survey....

This is my second year to participate in Artful Gathering. The instructors are wonderful and the variety of classes to take are first class. Also they aren't as expensive as some other website classes I have taken. I like that I can pickup where I left off anytime of day or night. I receive prompt responses to my questions and it's like having the instructor right there. Awesome experience. Shelley

Top rate instructors, well organized, good communication, easy to navigate. The best on-line workshop I've ever experienced. Christina

To learn even more about something you already love doing, and be able to do it in your pjs or trackie pants - with no one else in your class knowing how crappy you look - is ... EXHILERATING!! Cath, Melbourne, Australia

I have been very impressed with the idea of having workshops on line and delighted with the professional way that Artful Gathering has put it all together. I especially like the way that you can attend classes in your own time, when it suits you, and also that you can repeat these classes as many times as you wish during the workshop period. There is no "live" workshop where you would be able to do this at no extra cost!My workshop with Keith Lo Bue was very informative and enjoyable--I learnt a lot. Jan.H.

Fun, informative, collaborative and encouraging are the feeling I received in this experience. Paulanne

I would like to say that I have been sick even before artful gathering started, however, that didn't stop me from joining three classes with three fabulous instructors. Were it not for time and money, I would have probably taken a couple more. Artful Gathering is for me one of the best ideas that have come up, especially for those of us who cannot for one reason or another travel to art retreats. I have great respect for Zinnia as a woman and as an artist, and I can say the same thing for the instructors. Both times I have learned heaps and enjoyed myself to the fullest. Thank you to Zinnia, all the instructor and the sponsors for making this possible. Iris

Terrific experience! The teachers were great, now can you just get me more hours in the day to have so much fun?

I have never taken ANY online classes and am glad ARTFUL GATHERING was my first. Nellie Wortman was fantastic and her fabric art amazing. Plan on taking classes in 2013. Thank you for such an enjoyable and learning experience.

Wonderful experience. Loved being able to watch the videos on my time schedule and work at my own pace.

I enjoyed the classes that I was able to take very much and would have love to take more of them. Stephani

Loved the feeling of being one on one with the instructor. It was like I was in his studio and he was just teaching me. I learned so much and has a great time doing it. Lynnea

Artful gathering gives me an amazing opportunity to study under my favourite teachers in a festival atmosphere. The video tuition and opportunity to ask questions makes these claases successful. For those of us who are geographically challenged ( I live in Australia) this is magic! I look forward to this gathering each year and can't wait to see who is teaching next. many thanks-Cara)

I learned so much took three classes this year would love to take them all !!!

The instructors are so knowledgable and they share extra advise, tips, links and more. I can learn at my own pace and all the information is at my fingertips. All my questions were answered. The comment sections provide even more knowledge and you really do meet a wonderful group of poeple and friendships blossom. Sharon B.

I Love that i can work in my "time" constraints and that the artists are in my Kitchen teaching me the most amazing things. While I sip my coffee and are in comfy jamies.

Zinnia who is an inspirational and excellent teacher has made this class so enjoyable......Bonnie

Class was great fun ! Learned at my own pace but was able to " share" with the class .

It's a great place to be-- to learn new techniques, meet people, be exposed to new expressions of art. I love it!!! Georgia,

This is my second year attending Artful Gathering. I LOVE it! There are so many wonderful art events/classes that I would like to be able to attend but it's just not practical for me for many reasons and when I learned about Artful Gathering in 2011 I was over the moon! The instructors and classes are fabulous and varied!! My only problem is, which classes to take!! Marsha @ Tattered Chick

I loved every second of Mary Jane's class. She didn't hold anything back - shared so much and was so inspiring.

I enjoyed this class so much. It gave me a chance to learn several new things: first, to learn how to take an online class; second, to learn an art form that I really loved but now know how to do it; and third, to take the class from Mary Jane! This course allowed me to go at my own pace, very important since I still have a full-time (and sometimes more) job. Mary Jane did a fantastic job of teaching in the video, clearly explaining everything and showing it as well. I am a visual learner and needed this! But the best thing is that it gave me an outlet to decompress and really enjoy making these bracelets. I love Mary Janes's artwork and admire her as a person so much. Thank you Artful Gathering, and thank you Mary Jane! >> Jessie

Keith's class videos was surpisingly delightful and very unique. His intelligence, wit and knowledge are inspirational. Linda

i had such a great experience starting with zinnia being so helpful and attentive! i love,love, loved my class with maryjane, i am now addicted to colllaging, i am a somewhat experienced mertalsmith and multimedia artist but i learned so many new techniques with maryjane, she is so sweet also! being able to continue em education at a higher level and with quality instructors, i cannot tell you how thankful i am, i am a little sad my class is over though! i started another class though, the hard part is just deciding what class to take, i will definately look forward to next summer! thanks again zinnia and mj! aloha, angi in hana

Wonderful experience all the way around! From the wonderful welcomes and door prizes to the supportive classroom environment. Linda

I found the Artful Gathering workshop to be exciting and inspirational! I learned many new techniques and developed a number of ideas for expanding upon what I learned. Superb online experience! Vicki

A wide range of instructors are available to us for several weeks at a reasonable price no matter where we live - Carol

This is the first time I've taken from two instructors I enjoyed them both but broke my arm and could only watch. I'm hoping next time will have a better outcome for me. At any rate I wouldn't have missed taking these two classes from such great teachers. This is an excellent program. Thank you for makinking this all possible. I wish I could take more classes. Cindy

This is THE place to access an incredible variety of quality instruction & guidance at your own pace right in your own art making space! You receive weeks of personalized contact wt recognized artists at an amazingly affordable price. In my book, it doesn't get any better than this! gloria

Artful Gathering is a well organized, uplifting experience. Jaffra

Last year & this year I have very much enjoyed the classes. They are fun, motivating and so very convenient! The instructors are masters in their areas and very good at presenting the material in easy-to-learn styles. I hope someday I will have more time to participate in the discussions & presentions. Thank you so much! Marye

i really enjoyed the artful gathering experience .. this was my first class with artful... the welcome was great.. it was easy to join.. everyone was attentive and the class instructor was great... she was down to earth and her video made it easy to learn her technique... i was anxious to get started and she communicated thru the artful gathering site and or facebook... she answered questions and was very appreciative of comments made to her as well...artful gathering has a great variety of classes . they are very welcoming and organized ... the variety of classes artful has available is great .. if you want to see something as a class im sure they would accomodate any suggestions you might have .. i really enjoyed taking a class with artful gathering and will do so in the future too.. sometimes the class prices are higher in online classes but i felt the price of the class i took thru artful was reasonable .. i appreciate how organized the site is and again any questions or problems you need addressed they are right on it.. thank you team artful for a great class.. looking forward to working with you again ... .................................i would like to see at some point a class on making the small simple bezel necklaces .. the ones you simple solder and add a small photo or your own art work.. i dont want to learn heavy duty solddering just yet .. i also saw the class where they introduce you to the tools of making these pieces which i just may have to sign up for.... thanks for being there for us artful gathering and staff... sincerely jaci pinge-swarts...

Artistic zest and gusto all the way around from the layout of AG, to the instructors, the classes offered (amazing choices), plus the spirit of the group participants was fun and encouraging. Friends from other online sites gather here for summer fun and new friends are made. An extremely well organized and lovely workshop gathering.

Be good to yourself by joining in the fun...the hardest part is not signing up for every single workshop! Barbara

I would recommend Artful Gathering to anyone who wants to expand their learning process & meet some great teachers !! Really great information in the class & the teachers are so helpful ....I will take classes again. ,

The Gathering was well done .Trinka

The " Artful Gathering wet mt appetite and tantalized my artistic talents and I took way more classes than I should have , but learned way more than I thought I could ...I wouldn't miss it for all the tea in Japan ( Ha Ha)The big PLUS is that all the online classes are user friendly. BRAVO !!!!.. ZAA ZAA

Artful Gathering on-line classes provide an opportunity to learn new techniques from a knowledgeable instructor. The pace is set by yourself since the videos can be watched at your own schedule. If you don't understand a technique you are free to view it again and again and ask for the instructor's help if needed. Another advantage is making and viewing other students comments and work. Wonderful experience. Lydia

Very well organized. Loved everything about it from the class to the instructor to the emails. Thanks so much Donna

My experience of Artful Gathering has been very positive. I've learnt a new technique and skill and really enjoyed visiting the group each day. Many thanks, Livvie

Loved it! I loved the fact you could do it on your own time schedual. Loved the instructores !

Artful Gathering was a pleasant learning experience made easy by the great videos, in the two that I took. There was a lot of feed back when you had questions, and comments when you posted a picture. This is a wonderful way to learn techniques, in your home. I shall try to return next year. Nan

Pam Carriker has the most fantastic approach to drawing portraits - this is a first for me and I feel like a budding artist because of her simplified instruction - thanks Pam! Judy C.

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