Pat Winter

I live in Indiana near the Dunes and beautiful Lake Michigan with my wonderful husband of 29 years. I have always been a “gatherer” of laces, my grandmother’s buttons, beads, and mother’s broken jewelry since childhood. Little did I know these would be put to good use one day. I am a self-taught crazy quilter. Crazy quilting is my passion. I try to sew or embellish every day. My favorite items to make are useful ones such as purses, jewelry, or eyeglass cases.

When I’m not, crazy quilting or hunting for mermaid tears along the Lake Michigan shoreline; you can find me on my porch swing or in my flower garden, which inspires my stitching. Silk ribbon embroidery, beading, fabric color choices, and basically all aspects of my crazy quilting are garden influenced. My first inspiration for crazy quilting came from Judith Baker Montano. When I discovered her work I could immediately associate with her technique and knew I had found my niche. Encrusting beautiful fabrics. It just goes hand in hand with my “Gathering Compulsion.” I love to hand dye my own silk ribbons, laces and motifs for my work to get unique colors that compliment my projects.

I teach crazy quilt workshops to area quilt guilds and offer classes at in my home studio. I try to do my part to increase the interest in crazy quilting. It is such a beautiful and enjoyable art and for it to not be taught or encouraged would be a shame. I self published a book of my journey through crazy quilting and this year I started a print to order magazine titled, “Crazy Quilting Gatherings.” Aside from winning a few awards, my work has been published in Quilting Arts, $100,000 Quilting Challenge magazine, Piecework and various Stampington publications such as Belle Armoire, Somerset Home, Sew Somerset and Haute Handbags. My mission is to show others that crazy quilting doesn’t have to be a dark bed cover or wall hanging but a useful everyday item and anyone can do it.

I enjoy contributing to many fund raisers and special interest groups including “The Friendship Tapestry project”, from Iceland, Mary Fisher, Childhood Diabetes, Pink Doll Project for Breast Cancer, to mention a few. I began the Comfort Doll Project in 2007 which provides Art Dolls worldwide to women’s shelters along with a supportive message. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy doing what you love and help contribute to causes. I enjoy teaching and sharing my love for crazy quilting and continue to do so by publishing a quarterly print or digital magazine, Crazy Quilt Gatherings available through

I believe the only rule in crazy quilting is to toss the rulebook aside. Don’t take it too seriously and have fun. Make it your own. I keep several projects going because it is true, Happy Hands make Happy Hearts.” I’d love to meet you, stop by my blog at and say hi.

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