Diane Cook

Diane Cook, Mixed Media Jewelry Artist and Designer, is excited to once again be teaching two classes for Artful Gathering in 2013! She finds her love for using vintage jewelry, especially vintage rhinestones in her designs, becoming an ever constant source of inspiration. When not designing jewelry, her love for photography, constantly keeps her preoccupied. Diane has been published in Belle Armoire Jewelry, Marie, Somerset Memories, Jewelry Affaire, Jewelry the zine; and in 2012, the book Bead Soup by Lori Anderson. She was also a Guest Curator for Crescendoh.com, sharing her story of how Art Saves, in May, 2010. Retiring from a financial career at the end of 2010, Diane has been blessed to now live her dream full time, designing jewelry and sharing her love for teaching. She teaches locally as well as nationally, having taught at Adorn Me! in Houston, Texas, Gilding the Lily in Fullerton, California, Art Unraveled in Phoenix, Arizona, and at ArtBLISS in the Washington DC area. Since 2011 she has been a core instructor for Vivi Magoo Presents, which has jewelry/mixed-media art retreats twice a year in Round Top, Texas, and once a year in Coronado, California and Tucson, Arizona.

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